About Us

Kentville and the Cornwallis Inn by Peter Gordon

The Kentville Business Community was originally incorporated as the Kentville Development Corporation Limited in 1980 and reactivated in 2013 with a new mandate and Board of Directors. KBC works closely with Kentville Town Council and staff and the greater Kentville business community. The officers and directors are drawn from business and community leaders in the town.

Vision Statement:

“A vibrant business and service sector in a growing, prosperous and supportive community.”

Mission Statement:

“KBC attracts and engages a diverse business and services sector to create a vibrant, successful community of choice.”

Cornwallis Street

KBC has a comprehensive strategic plan with proactive strategies and actions for business and community development.  The Corporation represents supports and advocates for businesses and entrepreneurs downtown as their principal constituents.  The Corporation implements its strategic plan programs with the assistance of an involved board of Directors, support staff, and a network of community businesses.

KBC Strategic Plan ~ 2017

KBC Annual Report ~ 2017